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Stitch Instruction

Spider Rose


Stitch SPIDER ROSES early in a project. Because of the amount of weaving motion and pulling through of the ribbon, it is easier to stitch early. From the center of the flower to the edge, stitch five spokes around the circle thinking of a clock face (12:00, 2:15, 4:45, 7:00, 9:30). The spokes should all be the same length if a symmetrical flower is desired. Come up next to the center hole and begin weaving over, under the spokes, twisting the ribbon each time, until you get to the outer edge. All weaving is on top of the canvas. You need not pull the ribbon too tight. Let it lay gently to look like petals. The final edge of the flower can be stitched with STEM STITCH or BACKSTITCH around the edge to cover spokes. Make these stitches about 1/2” long and use a twist.

As an alternative do NOT twist the ribbon during the weaving process. This will give the effect of a tightly closed flower bud.

Another option is to start the process with no twisting. After the bud is established then add the twist suggesting a flower that is in the process of opening. Have fun!

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