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Comments about our ribbon:

"Everything arrived in great shape and in short order !! Thanks so much. We really appreciate you." - Donette, Little Cottage Quilts

"Everything was great - thanks for the quick response. My customer was thrilled!" - Jan, Stitchers Inc

"Thank you for the prompt delivery!!" - Barbara's Needlepoint

"Working with River Silk ribbon is absolutely incredible!" - Vicki Day, Vicki Day Designs

"I have been impressed with the customer service and immediate response and processing of my order. I enjoyed the personal conversation with the owner." - Customer feedback from Square

"The order arrived promptly and the ribbons are wonderful. I look forward to doing a lot of business with River Silks. Thanks for the great and personal customer service." - Susan, Compass Point Quilts

"Your ribbon is just gorgeous! Thanks for all your help getting started in ribbon!" - Susan Barnhorst, The Tinsmith’s Wife, Texas

"The silk is stunning. The 3D stitching is stunning." - WV stitcher

"Ribbon has always frightened me. I decided to read your book and began working some stitches with needle and ribbon supplied with the book. I am a complete convert! This is fantastic. The knotted ribbon stitch is such fun and would look great with a bead!" - Jacqueline Nolin MD, Granny's Needle Haus in Tyler, TX

" Everything looks wonderful!!! Your ribbons are so beautiful!" - Rachel Myren, designer

"I really like the way the variegated threads look. Just positive feedback." - Cara Hayes, designer

"It is wonderful!!! I have been telling the gals what a great company you are and how prompt the order arrived. The colors are great and the ribbon is a dream to use in both fabric for my quilts and needlepoint." - Pamela Kimball, Needlepoint Tool Time, Palm Desert, CA

"What you can do with River Silks is unbelievable. It does not run. I can pierce it with no running, no wear or tear. Everything you claim is true. " - Sherry Bray, Queen Anne Stitches, CA

"I love the River Silks ribbon for Kumihimo (braiding)." -Val, VV Graphics

"Thank you again for having the best ribbon ever." -Candace Cady, Bella's Bags

"Thank you for being such a promp and concerned vendor, we appreciate it." -Jill Elia, Louise's Needlework, Ohio

"The sample rings are invaluable" -Michele Herron, The Bristly Thistle, Florida

"Thank you! Everyone is happy- I appreciate the quick turnaround!" -Teri Pharis, Madonna Needleworks

"It has been a great pleasure to work with you. I am grateful for your help and the contacts you provided. I do hope to continue business with you in the coming year. I must admit that you sell the best quality ribbons and provide the best service." -Maria Shilina, Rukodelie Delux, St Petersburg, Russia

"[The ribbons] are so beautiful! I'm very very pleased! I'll be back!" -Cindy, Cindy's Chapeaux

"OOOOH I’m in trouble now!  I am a quilter who loves to embellish with silk ribbon and I found some of your ribbon at a large quilt show in southern California.  No one in San Diego (as far as I know) sells your wonderful ribbon and I desperately want more than the one package that I bought.  Where can I find more? Thanks" -Pat Veynar

"Thank you SO much for the treasure box full of your gorgeous ribbon!  Really it is such a cornucopia of loveliness.....A feast of beauty!!!" -Allison Aller

"So excited" -Heidi Bontempo, Queen Anne Stitches, Santa Clarita, CA

"Wonderful kit with extra canvas, ribbon and needle, great idea!" -Debra Barth, Quiltz, Ashland, OR

"Wonderful!" -Cindy Anderson, Creative Stitches & Gifts, Dallas, TX

"Stitching with River Silks ribbon is the closest I've come to painting without holding a brush!" -Customer, Needle Pointe Ltd, Palatine, IL

Testamonial: River Silks ribbon stitches up beautifully, such a stark contract to what was available before. Stitching with longer than 10" is amazing. (4' aok) The 35th stitch looks as good as the first. It is wonderful." -Cindi Rang, The Fabric Patch, Ephrata, WA

"The collections are wonderful. The customers are thrilled to see the ribbon." -Debbie Chase, Quilters Quarters, Conroe, TX

"They are gorgeous!" -Betty Sadow, Heritage Quilt & Needlework, Temple Terrace, FL

"It's wonderful to work with. A treat to have so many colors." -Karen Phillips-Schwallon, Owner, Instructor, Quilted Heart, Grindstone, PA

"Everything you guys do is First Class." -Karen Milano, The Nimble Needle

"Just can't say enough about how much I love this ribbon." "It's so fantastic. It doesn't matter what it goes through." -Sharon Watson, Once Upon A Time Designs Ltd

"The silks are absolutely gorgeous."- Marcia Horton, Needlewoman East

"The ribbon arrived and it is like candy in the store!" -Cathy Lyon, Owner, Golden Needle

"I was stitching with another brand of ribbon and it shredded. I love your ribbon which does not do that. Our customers rave about your River Silks ribbon." -Team Member, The Needle Nook of La Jolla, La Jolla, CA

"I love working with your ribbon. Love the product." -Retailer, team member, The Needle House, Houston, TX

"That ribbon is awesome. The sample you gave me was awesome. This makes me want to finish the projects in my basket." -Buyer at Quilt Market

"Your ribbon lends itself beautifully to punch needle work." -Fran, Clover

"I love your product. I am beyond excited." -Rita Weiss, designer, embroiderer, Weiss Designs

"I love the color rings. Most helpful." -Terry Dryden, Designer, Terry Dryden Designs

"River Silks ribbon is heirloom quality, by far the best. I love them. Embroidery with River Silks, an immediate love affair." -Elena Harmon, Petit Amour

"I prefer to use your ribbon. It does not split. It holds up beautifully." -Stitcher at Nashville Market

"It is wonderful to stitch with." -Dolly, Owner, Alabama

"Received my order and was more than delighted. The Color Collections are spectacular. Thank you for bringing them to my attention and the suggestion of carrying them. Please rush more sets." -Sharon Watson, Once Upon A Time Designs, Ltd

"What a wonderful product. I like the way it sews and doesn't run." -Linda Hopkins, designer, instructor, Sonoran Silks

"Love your product." -Shelly Thieme, designer, stitcher, Shelly Tribby Designs

"I like dealing with you. River Silks products are nice, you are accommodating and follow up with each order. You cannot beat great customer service. No minimums is really nice. I can order one color in a size I do not have and keep a customer happy." -Jacci Fletcher, owner, Stitches

"We are thrilled with your ribbon." -Associates at, The Wellesley NP Collection

"You have a superior product." -Ann Casswell, instructor

"Your product does not fray." -John Waddell, instructor

"This ribbon is wonderful. Everyone should have it in their line. I love your ribbon." -Lois Slotemaker, owner, Ana Cross Stitch Store

"I stitched with a yard and never had a problem. The ribbon was pristine at the end of stitching. Am totally impressed." -Kathy Holman, Designer, Instructor, Needle Fantasies

"This ribbon is very forgiving" -Eleanor Bartig, owner, Needlework Boutique

"No one has silk like River Silks." -JoAnne Bronson, owner, Needlepoints East

"These flowers were re-stitched three times with the same ribbon. It looks like new. I could only do this with River Silks Ribbons." -Jill Rigoli, owner, designer, instructor, stitcher, Danji Designs

"I love working with River Silks Ribbon " -J.H., FL

"So strong, yet so delicate." -Chris, KY

"I discovered a new silk ribbon at the NW Market that is 'To Die For!' River Silks carries a tantalizing collection of color families in their silk ribbon, including ever popular over dyed colors. They are perfect for Leigh Designs Canvases. The major difference between River Silks and other silk ribbons on the market is its indestructibility! You can use foot long, even yard long lengths with virtually no wear on the ribbon!" -Leigh Richardson, designer, Leigh Designs, WA

"This is such fun!" -GailVail, Owner, Fancy Carole

"I am having a blast with it. Perfect!! Everyone at the horse show was oohing and aahing over the silk ribbon. It is so much fun and so forgiving." -Wesie Robb, stitcher, Pease on Earth

"I love your ribbon and just told two more shops. It is grand ribbon. It is very forgiving. I used it on the Carol Duvall show and you only use ribbon which gives you no trouble when you are filming for TV. That ribbon is River Silks." -Susan Greening Davis, instructor/designer, Still Stitching

"It looks fabulous. It is so beautiful." -Jill Likes, owner, The Needlepointer, WA

"So soft. So smooth. I love it. Makes beautiful french knots." -DG, CO

"Love your ribbons and the students love them too." -Libby Sturdy, designer/instructor

"When you see quality, you get excited. River Silks Ribbon is really superior. It is nice when you love a product." -Marvis Lutz, owner, Button Emporium & Ribbonry, OR

"I had a ball using River Silks ribbon. I absolutely love them." -Suzy Murphy, author, instructor, Suzy Murphy Designs

"After seeing Suzy Murphy's work I want to do one too." -Gayle Bowles, Gayle Bowles Sales

"They are the best silks I have ever worked with." -Faith Friedman, instructor

"Your ribbon is durable, I love it." -Carolyn Barrani, designer, Barrani Designs

"It really works for all kinds of stitches!" -Bonnie, And Sew On, Inc

"I'm so excited. It doesn't twist. Really wonderful to work with. Cannot believe how fabulous this is. Doesn't fray. What's not to love". -Retailer

"They're Beautiful, absolutely exquisite. It Absolutely doesn't fray." -stitch designer, NY,NY

"It is a pleasure doing business with Riversilks." -Jennifer Shrader, designer

"I am delighted. I love the product. I love the purity of the colors. River Silks ribbon will be used in seminars for ANG and EGA." -Lynn Payette, designer, instructor, Lynn Payette Designs

"I love your ribbon and have every color. I try to use them all." -Ray Endicott, stitch designer, stitcher

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