Viva Pen & River Silks

River Silks has been asked on numerous occasions, “What kind of pen would you use on silk ribbon?” For example, if one were stitching leaves and wanted to draw on the veins, or stitching flower petals and wanted to draw accent lines. So, at Spring Quilt Market, I went in search of pens and found the VIVA Perle Pen.

Sampler with Viva Colour Perlen Pen on 13mm River Silks silk ribbon



Viva Colour Perlen Pen
The Viva Colour Perlen Pen has a fine drawing point, and delivers a steady line of 3D pearlescent paint.  It does not bleed or discolor the ribbon, front or back.  The pen itself, I find, to be easy to hold and manipulate the paint flow.  With a gentle squeeze, the paint comes out smooth.  I had been disenchanted by other 3D paint pens because they were bulky and the paint too thick.  Viva Colour has changed all that.

With a straight line of the Viva Colour, the ribbon actually curls up to make a V-shape.

Viva Effects
The Viva Pen paint dries stiff, but flexible. Whether a parallel, diagonal, or over lapping diagonal lines (as seen in the Sampler above), the Viva Colour will dry strong enough to make the ribbon stand vertically.

A straight line of Viva along the length of the ribbon makes the ribbon curl up to make a V-shape.  That would look great for grass, leaves, a star burst, etc.

Make sure to let the paint dry completely before manipulating the ribbon, or it might crack.  The label suggests waiting 24hrs before wearing clothing that has been painted with the Viva Colour.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use 3D paint pen, VIVA is definitely one to try. Ask for it at your favorite local needlepoint store.

River Silks 13mm silk ribbon with Viva Colour Perlen Pen drawing on top

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