Thank you to Julia Snyder- “Spring Has Sprung”

Julia Snyder with "Spring Has Sprung", class and kit.

Julia Snyder with “Spring Has Sprung”, class and kit.

Julia Snyder has been teaching her class “Spring Has Sprung” all over the US, using River Silks ribbon. She was kind enough to let us display the model in our booth at TNNA San Diego. “Spring Has Sprung” is available as a Kit To Go from River Silks.

Classes are a great way to learn how to stitch with ribbon and to inspire your customers. If you or your customers are new to ribbon, a professional needlepoint instructor can make it easy. Contact Julia Snyder to schedule your class or click here for a list of instructors who teach with River Silks.


“Spring Has Sprung” by Julia Snyder

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