Rebecca Kemble of Designs on Ice at WI Quilt Expo

Rebecca Kimble, mixed media artist, Designs on Ice

Rebecca Kimble, mixed media artist, Designs on Ice

Last week, I visited Rebecca Kimble, mixed media artist, at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison, WI. Rebecca uses River Silks silk ribbon in her artwork.

Rebecca’s booth Designs on Ice featured hand-done ice dying on bamboo/cotton blends, silk, and rayon fabrics. The ice dying technique and vibrant colors created unique effects that sparked my imagination.  It looked like nothing else I had seen before, even from batik. For your next project, consider using hand-dyed fabrics to enhance the one-of-a-kind nature of any project.


Deconstructed silk screen

This is a one-yard deconstructed silk screen fabric that Rebecca had at her booth. I instantly fell in love with the design and had to get it for my home. What attracted me so much was how the pattern changed and developed with each printing. It had such personality and creativity. I originally was going to use this piece in a project, but I think it’ll hang on my wall for inspiration.

Looking ahead to 2016, Rebecca Kemble is teaching classes in Omaha on surface design techniques including: deconstructed silk screen, indigo, Shibori, stencil, stamping, and discharging. Classes are a great way to introduce your customers to new techniques. Classes can inspire and challenge everyone from the beginner to the experienced fiber artist. Contact Rebecca to schedule a class at your store, or check out her website to find out where she’ll be teaching next.

Rebecca’s latest quilt (below), using her hand-dyed fabric and embroidery with River Silks silk ribbon, will be displayed in the “Deeply Rooted” show at the American Quilt Society’s Quilt Week in Des Moines, Sept 30-Oct 3, at the Iowa Events Center.  Her quilt will then be traveling to Kenosha, WI.


Thank you, Rebecca Kemble, for your sharing your time and beautiful creations!

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