Practice Makes Pretty: Valuable lessons from a frustrated stitcher

from Front Range Stitcher blog

“Well I’ve calmed down and I learned a few things,” writes Front Range Stitcher blog on stitching trees with silk ribbon. Yeah, I’ve had projects like that.  Fiber Arts is a beautiful, fulfilling, accessible art-form.  However, when learning new techniques, stitches and fibers, not every stitch you take is going to be an absolutely thrilling experience. In fact, learning can be downright agonizing, until the moment of epiphany. Front Range Stitcher describes her process of working with silk ribbon and the lessons she learned.  It’s great advice!

See the finished project here!  Congratulations, Front Range Stitcher, for sticking with it!

For more tips and techniques, check out the book “OOOOOH!” Essentials of Silk Ribbon Needlepoint.

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