Are you ready for Spring? Pantone colors are


Pantone has announced the new colors for Spring 2013!

Here they are in River Silks colors:PantoneSpring2013

#40 Pool Green
#33 Silver Lake Blue
#250 Septra Yellow
#23 Viola
#165 True Blue
#169 Sand
#157 Flame Scarlet
#43 Greenery
#10 Desert Flower
#94 Bit of Blue
Are you designing with River Silks? Let us know!

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Off topic- Where is your rental car’s gas tank?

fuelgaugeEver pull up to the gas station in your rental car and suddenly realize you don’t know which side the tank is on? Well, there’s an easy way to tell without leaving your seat or twisting and straining.  Look at your fuel gauge. See at the top where the full line is? There’s a little arrow… pointing to the side of the car where the gas tank is. Voila!

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

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Woodlawn 50th Annual Needlework Exhibition


Jean with “Orchids” at Woodlawn 50th Annual Needlework Exhibition

Today, I visited the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition, celebrating it’s 50th year! It is always inspiring to see the incredible quality of needlework and the diversity of styles on display.

Pieces using River Silks:

Karen Phillips-Shwallon, 2nd Place in Original Embroidery- Silk Ribbon, 3rd Place in Original Embroidery- Silk Ribbon Multi Stitch divisions. #19 & #20

Lori Mazza, exhibited by Waste Knot Needlepoint, 1st Place in Canvaswork-Multi Stitch division (also 2nd & 3rd Place same division!). #224

Nancy Kenealy, exhibited by Stitching Post, Canvaswork Multi Stitch division with Nesting Bird canvas by Zecca.

Janice McHenry, Canvaswork Multi Stitch division with Tiger, the leaves (look like 13mm River Silks silk ribbon), over delicate thread stitched background makes for a great texture contrast. #528

Jean Krynicki, River Silks Ltd, Canvaswork Multi Stitch division with “Orchids”, stitched completely with River Silks silk ribbon, pictured above. #682

Non-ribbon pieces that caught my eye:

Patricia Cooney, exhibited by The Needlewoman East, 3rd Place in Canvaswork Multi Stitch division with stunning 3d Pumpkin. She also showed a Counted Thread Cross Stitch “Not all witches”. #231 & #232 respectively.

Leslie LaFleur and Charity Honaker used beads, metallic threads and other non-traditional materials in their Counted Thread Cross Stitch pieces depicting whimsical mermaids.  I always like to see artists pushing the boundaries of their artforms. #683 & #552 respectively.

Did you use River Silks silk ribbon in your piece at Woodlawn? Let us know and we’ll make you more famous than you already are!

Woodlawn 50th Annual Needlework Exhibition
9000 Richmond Highway
March 1st-31st, 2013
Closed Tuesdays

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