Needlepoint Now, Jan/Feb 2015

Needlepoint Now Jan/Feb 2015 cover

Needlepoint Now Jan/Feb 2015 cover

The current issue of Needlepoint Now, Jan/Feb 2015 just arrived.

A big shout out goes to June Russell-Chamberlin for mentioning River Silks in her article on p. 47, The Art of Cara Sue Richard, a great feature on the fiber artist, her background and a glimpse into her creative process. Cara uses River Silks in her thread painting (Thank you, Cara!). I first learned about Cara’s thread painting on the Facebook Needlepoint Nation group, and have always been inspired by her creativity and outside-the-box stitching.

River Silks makes also a cameo appearance in the issue in the BeStitched ad featuring Box of the Month, p. 44. And last, but not least, see our ad on p. 52, featuring the latest finished piece Butterflies by Maggie Swanson of Quail Run Designs, stitched by Lynn K Bayer.

Are you writing about River Silks? Let us know. We are happy to spread the word on our social media and blog.

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