Name Drop Like Crazy!

One of my favorite parts of my job is looking through all the posted photos of finished pieces on blogs, google searches and social media.  I’m looking for pieces with River Silks ribbon to promote on our website and social media outlets.  If I’m doing it, then other manufacturers, designers and stores are doing it too.

When you post a photo of a piece, you aren’t just showing off your work, you are also showing off the materials, designer and store from which said materials were purchased.  This is great marketing for all involved! Are you using multiple brands in a piece? Mention them all! If the designer or manufacturer sees your piece, they might mention it on their website, blog or social media sites.  When you finish a piece, send photos to the designer and manufacturers with credits.  It’s important for customers and companies to support each other.

Name drop like crazy!
A needle can’t sew on it’s own.  It needs fiber, fabric, tools, designs, patterns, teaching, a store to house them, and a customer to create.  There are so many parts of the Fiber Arts industry.  Each part on it’s own is an unfinished piece.  Together, we make incredible works.  Credit your pieces and name drop like crazy!


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