Lynn reporting from Russia

River Silks owner Jean Krynicki, stitcher Lynn K. Bayer, and designer/instructor Lorna Bateman have been in Russia since the weekend, and have tons to tell.  They are teaching ribbon embroidery classes at Maria Shilina’s shop Vladimirsky Passage. Maria has been just a lovely host and tour guide.  Lynn dropped me a few lines that I’d like to share:

“Just returned to the hotel after a River Silks class at Vladmirsky Passage, and, of course, desert. Great class! Nine ladies plus Maria, and her daughter Galina. Lorna is a great help.  We taught our standard beginning course starting from “how to thread your needle” all the way to spider web roses. The ladies were fast learners and had a great time.  I demonstrated that two ribbons could be used on a needle at the same time, then the whole class tried it out! That’s a first for me! These ladies were thirsty for knowledge. Language was not a barrier. Maria did an excellent job translating, and my few words in Russian, hand gestures and demonstrations did the trick.  I took some pictures near the end.  A local magazine sent a journalist and a photographer to take photos, interview the students, and gather information for a story.  It’s exciting. “

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