Destination Dallas- Saturday Set up

Jean and Lynn updating the iPad

We’re getting the room set up at the Embassy Suites- Love Field!    Jean had some surprises in the suitcases- new collections and newly finished pieces!  Lynn brought the beautifully framed Bella Carnevale, with the blue ribbon from the 2011 Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition.  I won’t give away anymore, you’ll have to come see for yourself.

This is my first hotel room trade show, I’ve just been to the big convention hall shows.  I love the concept of everyone staying, eating and exhibiting in the same building.  It’s kind of like a Fiber Arts summer camp. Across the atrium, you can see banners going up, the trains of cases being loaded in, and familiar faces greeting each other. Even though we’re just here for the weekend, I can tell already that it’s going to be great fun.

If we get done at a reasonable hour, we’re planning to go see the blue bonnets which are supposed to be in full bloom.  Oooooh!

13mm & 7mm collections

4mm collections


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