Amy’s Yellow Garden: a visual essay in texture

Amy’s Yellow Garden designed by Birds of a Feather, stitched by Danielle Gann

Danielle Gann used River Silks 100% silk ribbon when she stitched Amy’s Yellow Garden, a Birds of a Feather canvas.  It’s a 11.5″ x 11.5″ design on 13 mesh canvas.

Mixing textures is a trick that artists of all media have used for ages to make their pieces stand out.  A canvas like this is great for playing with textures, just like Danielle has done. A straight stitch of silk ribbon, like in the white daisy, adds a smooth, shiny line.  It covers quickly and looks fabulous, even with simple stitches. It contrasts with all the other stitches.  Remember, texture is all about contrast.  Mix up your textures to add that extra pop. As an exercise, look for examples of mixed textures in your daily life.  Try applying what you see in your next project.

Thank you for sharing, Danielle!

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