Albert Einstein Memorial gets Yarn-bombed

Albert Einstein Memorial gets Yarn Bombed

I love it when fiber arts shows up outside, especially in large scale pieces.  To me it’s a kin to the artist Christo, wrapping buildings with miles of fabric.  The act draws attention to the object being hidden, and in this case it also draws attention to the handiwork of the artist. I wonder how long it too to crochet all that?

As reported on

“People headed into the National Academy of Sciences this morning passed by a curious sight: The institution’s memorial of Albert Einstein was covered in yarn from head to toe, resulting in a colorful oddity that greeted researchers and other staffers on their way into the office.”

“The likely culprit is the yarn-bombing artist Olek, a Polish-born crocheter and sculptor whose principal motif is to drape large objects and public installations in colorful yarn. ”

Read the rest here.

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